Hi5 4School

With help from the application, individual and community skills can be practiced among various groups or within the family. These skills include responsibility and commitment, open sharing, teamwork development, awareness of boundaries, and strengthening personal resources. The competitive game inspires and motivates to get involved. Participants motivate each other even further. Insight occurs and learning happens when people transform promises into daily practice.

There is no limit to the amount of people playing, and the usage of the application is not bound to a certain time or place. There are 10 themes for developing individual and teamwork skills and each theme lasts one month. The themes are designed to be competitive games that motivate toward the goal. A team can compete against another team or the game can become a school wide project that the students and teachers can join.

We can influence enthusiasm by focusing on individual and community skills. This has a great impact on success and well-being. We measure the subjective feeling of enthusiasm during the game.

We are currently applying for funding. The launch is expected during 2017. For further information: Susanna Toropainen +358 40 541 3330 susanna@hi5solution.com