Hi5 4Work

Work community skills include responsibility and commitment, open sharing, collaborative development, and voluntary participation. The competitive game inspires and motivates to get involved. Employees motivate each other even further. Insight occurs and learning happens when people transform promises into daily practice.

There is no limit to the amount of people playing, and the usage of the application is not bound to a certain time or place. There are 10 themes for developing work community skills and each theme lasts one month. The themes are designed to be competitive games that motivate toward the goal. A team can compete against another team or another company.

We can influence work engagement and enthusiasm by focusing on work community skills. They have a great impact on success and well-being at work. We measure the subjective feeling of enthusiasm during the game.

Game themes

Team working skills

We can make our skills and strengths more visible by focusing on team working skills. This is empowering and increases a shared feeling of pride in the work community.

Praise a friend

It is beneficial for the whole work community when everyone supports each others’ capabilities and abilities. One especially good way to create a positive picture of the whole is by giving feedback.

Good deeds

Good deeds enhance comfort within the work community. This can be seen in practice when working together, which creates a trustful atmosphere. Good deeds create good feelings and feelings are contagious.

Team virtues

Shared virtues guide actions and take an individual toward a respectful culture that supports the community.

Wild ideas

Wild ideas fuel creativity. Open-mindedness and an accepting atmosphere grow in a creative community.

Good energy

An energetic work community is healthy. It is invigorating to work in a balanced, positive and constructive environment.

Healthy habits

Healthy habits boost vigor, good feelings, and the ability to focus on the right things.


We see more of our own and others’ success when we focus on successes. A successful team is braver and believes in its abilities.


One’s self-control and self-knowledge can be improved by being able to recognize and impact emotions. This empowers the work community and mutual trust becomes stronger.

Communication skills

A community that interacts in a solution-focused way is able to utilize diversity. Conversations are fruitful, there are less conflicts, and the atmosphere is open and accepting.

Pricing and sales

The game costs 6-29€ (VAT 0%)/person/month depending on the number of participants. The game can be bought in December 2016 and playing starts 1.2.2017. Further information and sales: Susanna Toropainen +358 40 541 3330 susanna@hi5solution.com